2019 Fall 3 Day Educational–Oct. 4th/19 to Oct. 7th/19

The Ontario Region Office is offering the following courses at the 3 Day Educational Seminar being held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Kitchener, Ontario from Oct. 4th/19 to Oct. 7th/19.

All applications MUST be received by the Local Union Office by 12:00pm Wed. Sept. 11th/19.

Applications can be submitted online (below) or by mailing or dropping off ,in written form your intent to apply, at the Local Union Office located at 2C-27 Manitou Dr. Kitchener, Ontario N2C 1K9. If mailing or dropping off please ensure you mark down your top three choices on your written form.

The Local Educational Committee will review all applications and we will be submitting approved applications to Regional office for their review. Final decision on who attends the Educational is at the discretion of the Regional Office.


1) Grievance Handling
—This course is suited to stewards with some experience.—

The aim of this course is to reinforce participants’ grievance knowledge, as well as
their investigation and advocacy skills. Topis include:

i) Shop Steward Rights.
ii) Distinguishing between fact and opinion.
iii) Active listening and duty of fair representation.
Participants have opportunities to work on being assertive, and to practice
preparing and arguing grievances.
They will explore their role as workplace organizers and look at alternatives and additions
to the grievance procedure.

2) Local Administration
This course will entail details regarding your Constitution. How the Local
Administration operates under our Constitution.

3) CUPW and Media
This is a new media training course for local activists directly engaged in the
campaign to save the public postal service and jobs. Effective use of media–which
take different forms–can strongly contribute to a successful campaign. In this course
participants will develop a critical understanding of media, learn general media
skills and how to create and deliver a clear effective message. We will also explore
the use of social and community media.

This is a challenging course and best delivered with a blend of participatory and
confidence building approaches with direct content delivered by a quality media

4) Basic Health & Safety Part 2

—This course is for the members who participated in the Basic Health & Safety
Part 1 in the Spring 2019 3 Day Educational.—

” To build solidarity through education and action, to remove hazards from the
workplace and to enhance worker well-being.” This is the goal of the program. It
is essential training for worker health and safety representatives who want to
exercise fully their legal rights and responsibilities and then go one step further,
to expand their skills as union activities in ongoing efforts to improve workplace
health and safety.

2019 Fall 3 Day Educational Application