From National CUPW–Oct. 26th/21—-Vaccination Update!!

Updated: October 26, 2021

Canada Post has released its final vaccination practice document. The document aligns with the federal vaccination guidelines. The details of this plan have been worked out in consultation with CUPW and the other unions representing workers at Canada Post.

What does the vaccination requirement mean for me?

The vaccination practice comes into effect October 29, 2021. Members will have to attest their vaccination status between Oct. 29 and Nov. 26, 2021. You’ll have to attest to either of the following: fully vaccinated, partially vaccinated or intend to become fully vaccinated, unable to be vaccinated, or unwilling to be vaccinated.

  • Fully vaccinated workers will continue to report to work as usual.
  • Partially vaccinated members and those who attest that they intend to become fully vaccinated, must be fully vaccinated by January 29, 2022. Until they are fully vaccinated, these members will have to perform rapid testing twice a week.
  • Members who cannot be vaccinated for reasons that meet any of the relevant prohibited grounds of the Canadian Human Rights Act will be accommodated.
  • Rapid testing will not be available for members who are unwilling to be vaccinated.

Members who are not fully vaccinated by January 29, 2022 or do not attest their vaccination status by November 26, 2021 will be placed on Leave Without Pay.

CUPW continues to consult with Canada Post and with legal advisors to ensure your rights in the workplace are respected.