How to write a Resolution for the Conference

Locals can submit resolutions to the Regional Conference for review and presentation to the delegates to be discussed and voted on.

Any member of the Local can submit a resolution to be voted on at their General Membership Meeting.

Be clear and concise in stating what led you to write for action or change in the Constitution. The more precise in your statement, the more likely that your resolution will pass.

The following “Whereas” are where you would define the problem as a Statement of Conditions or Situations, depending on the issue, you may have one or more whereas:

Whereas …. Describe your reasoning for what you want to change
Whereas …. If there is a 2nd reasoning for the change

After stating the “Whereas” you would state the “Be it Resolved” which should define the Action and Solution to the above conditions. Again, as with the “Whereas” you could have more than one resolve; however, each resolve should define one action or solution:

Be it Resolved …. Describe what it is you want to change
Be it Further Resolved …. If there is a 2nd action described
Be it Finally Resolved …. Final action to be taken

Lastly, you should be stating who the resolution is “Submitted by”.


Article 9.37 – Local Social Fund

Whereas Canada Post continues to use its unlimited resources to undermine the Union by funding Quality of Work Life programs; and,

Whereas workers of Canada Post(like all workers) are sociable by nature and are influenced through social activities ; and,

Whereas we must fight back the boss and encourage workers to participate and support our Union by providing a social environment within out Union; therefore,

Be it Resolved that C.U.P.W. Local Executive Committee have the option to use up to five percent (5%) of their monthly dues’ remittance, within their Local ByLaws, to fund social activities that would promote Union activity and participation of their members. To be included in Article 9.37 of our National Constitution.

Submitted by:

Brother John Smith

Seconded by

Sister Jane Doe