Liberal MP’s Open House’s–Week of Dec. 17th/18–You Have The Right to Attend!!

Sisters & Brothers,

As you know the Back To Work Legislation was supported by almost every Liberal MP. Attached are two Liberal MP’s in our area. Mr. Tabbara represents the South Kitchener-Hespeler riding and Mr. Saini represents the Kitchener Centre riding. Both are Liberal MP’s who supported and voted for the Back to Work Legislation. If you live in these ridings these are your MP’s. They are both holding Open House’s ( date and time and location shown in each attached picture) next week for their ridings constituents. You have every right to show up and express your position with regards to the decision they made on the legislation. I know I will be doing just that. At this time I have not seen anything published for the Waterloo MP. It is not often we are able to meet face to face with our MP’s but I wanted to let you know about this possibility so you can have the opportunity.

Brother Steve Hinschberger