Local Rumors–The Real Answers

Brothers and Sisters,

There seems to be a few rumors going around that I would like to address so there is no confusion. I am not a fan of rumors and prefer to base things on facts.

1) Possible Major increase of New Positions in KMPP.

At this time the Local Union has had no discussions with Canada Post nor have we received any kind of a proposal from Canada Post with regards to a major increase in positions within the KMPP.
If Canada Post wishes to change the Required to Operate within the KMPP the Local will be more than willing to meet with Canada Post and take any proposal back with us for further review. I must stress to the members that any possible proposal from Canada Post WILL be reviewed by the Executive of this Local to determine what is best for the members. On our Executive we have 3 members who work at KMPP. Their input/knowledge into any proposal will be valuable in preparing any counter proposal to Canada Post that will be in the best interest of our members.

I will keep you, the members, informed of any such proposal that may come from Canada Post.

2) Possible Move of KDC out of KMPP.

There has been a rumor going around that KDC is moving out of the KMPP. I have heard that Canada Post realty division had in fact been looking for a building to move KDC. At this time they have not been able to find anywhere that would fit to accommodate our type of work. So at this time KDC is not going anywhere.
The reason that they want to move KDC is because of the excessive increase in the number of parcels and mail that is processed by KMPP ( especially during the Xmas period ) there is just not enough room for both divisions to operate within the building.

I will keep you, the members, informed if the Local receives any official notice of the movement of KDC.

I hope that these explanations have helped to eliminate any rumors that are floating around.

As always if you are unsure if something is true or not you can contact the Local for our official position.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at 519-895-2655.


Steve Hinschberger
Local 560