Picket Shift Procedures & Rules–Nov. 4th/18

Good Afternoon Sisters & Brothers,
Our 2 days on the Strike Line, while showing Solidarity, did expose a few glitches.
There was some confusion with regards to the Strike Lists for KMPP and KDC and I will accept full responsibility for this issue.
When we created the lists we created them on the basis of a full nationwide strike. We did not anticipate how they would impact a 1 or 2 day rotating strike.

So therefore I hope the following will clarify what will be expected in the case of another rotating strike or a full blown nationwide strike.

1) If National calls on Local 560 Kitchener to do another ROTATING Strike I am advising you that all members report to their scheduled shift hours no matter what day that it may be ( Monday to Friday for non-KMPP & KDC locations).
With regards to KMPP & KDC only, the Sunday to Thursday and Tuesday to Saturday shift designation will be ignored due to the fact it will only be a rotating Strike. ( eg. if the rotating strike is called on a Friday, all members in KDC & KMPP will report to the strike line based on their scheduled hours.)

2) If National orders a full nationwide strike all locations will be out on Strike and all members will need to report to their scheduled shift hours and locations.
Both the KMPP & KDC members will follow their set scheduled PIcket Lists including following the Sunday to Thursday and Tuesday to Saturday shift designation.

B) When reporting to your shift you MUST sign in at the beginning of your shift and you MUST sign out at the end of your shift.

C) All members must picket on their assigned shifts and locations. There is no trading of shifts. If you do show up on a different shift, without prior approval by the Union Office, and picket on that shift instead of your assigned shift it will not be counted as a 4 hr shift towards your entitlement. The lists were created to balance out the different shift times. If all members show up on one specific shift it could cause problems with their assigned shift as there may not be enough members to hold the line.

Brothers and Sisters,
I hope that this helps to clarify some of the confusion that occurred during the 2 day rotating strike that we were called upon to do on Nov. 2nd & 3rd/18.


Brother Steve Hinschberger