Regional Conference

Brothers, Sisters, Cousins:

In October we will be having a Regional Conference in Kitchener, Ontario to deal with resolutions submitted from Locals across the Ontario Region.

These resolutions will deal with possibly changing sections of our National Constitution. The Conference delegates will debate and vote on the resolutions to send to the National Convention to be held in May 2023

The Local is hereby accepting nominations for the Election of Delegates to this upcoming Conference.

All nominations must be submitted to the Secretary-Treasurer Amanda Goveas by Tuesday August 30th, 2022 at noon either via email at or by paper at the office to the attention of the Secretary Treasurer.

***To be able to stand for Election for the upcoming National Convention in May 2023 you MUST have been a delegate and attended this Regional Conference in Kitchener, Ontario.***

If you have any questions with regards to this bulletin, please do not hesitate to contact the Local Union Office at 519-895-2655.

In Solidarity,
Executive of Local 560 CUPW