Resolutions to Regional Conference–October 2018

Brothers and Sisters,

In May 2019 our Union will be holding our Quadrennial National Convention in Toronto, Ontario.

At this Convention the elected delegates from across Canada will be debating resolutions that have been submitted from the five (5) Regions across the country.  These resolutions are submitted from the Locals of each Region to their respective Regional Conferences to be debated on and voted on to send to National to be presented at the National Convention.

The resolutions submitted deal with the issues surrounding the operation of and the policies of our Union as are stipulated in our National Constitution.  Changes to our National Constitution can only occur thru this democratic process.

If you wish to submit a Resolution(s) with the intent to change something within our National Constitution I have attached the process to write a Resolution and an example of a Resolution for your review.  Any member has the right to submit a Resolution(s) to their Local for consideration and to be voted on at a General Membership Meeting.  Please ensure that the Resolution(s) is/are written properly, as outlined in the process attached, and submitted to the Local prior to the deadline.

Please ensure that your Resolution(s) deal specifically with the context of the operation of and the policies of our Union.  Any resolutions that deal with Contract Demands of any kind will be rejected.

The National Constitution, in pdf form,  is available on this website for your review/download.

The deadline for the submission of Resolutions to our Local is Monday July 3oth/18 at 12pm.

The date of the General Membership Meeting to vote on the submitted Resolutions will be announced in the near future.

If you have any questions with regards to Resolutions and the role they play in this Democratic process please do  not hesitate to contact the Local Union Office.

In Solidarity,

Brother Steve Hinschberger

President, Local 560 CUPW

Download (PDF, 60KB)