Vacation Leave Now That Collective Agreements Re-Instated–Nov. 27th/18

Brothers & Sisters,

There have been questions with regards to Vacation Leave now that the Collective Agreements have been re-instated.

As of 12:00 noon today, Nov. 27th/18 the collective agreements, along with all their provisions, were re-instated.

If you were suppose to be on holidays this week, and are working, you are still able to take the next 3 days ( Wed, Thurs & Friday ) as part of your holidays and will be paid for such. This is your choice to take them or continue working for the rest of the week (thereby technically banking this week of holidays instead.)

I have had a conversation with CPC on this issue and they have advised me that all the member has to do is inform your supervisor that you are taking your holidays for the rest of the week. ( This only applies to members who were already on the schedule as being on holidays for this week ).

The Local will be having consultation with CPC, in the near future, to deal with any holiday weeks that were not used due to CPC cancelling all leaves and the members wishing not to take them as LWOP. The Local will advise the members after this consultation takes place on the outcome and any agreements that are made.

Brother Steve Hinschberger