Votes on Demands and Referendum

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Wednesday November 8 2023
No. 4

From September 24 to November 5, members voted to ratify the Program of Demands.

The Union has now received the results:

Urban Unit Vote: 93.95 % in favour RSMC Unit Vote: 92.51 % in favour

Merger Referendum

At the same time, members also voted on whether the Union should add as part of the Program of Demands a merger of the Urban and RSMC bargaining units.

The results of the referendum were as follows:

Urban Unit Vote: 66.37 % in favour RSMC Unit Vote: 64.98 % in favour

What’s Next?

The negotiating committee has been hard at work, gathering evidence, preparing our demands and getting ready to bargain with the employer.

The Union expects to serve notice to bargain soon.

The negotiating committees should start meeting the Employer in the coming weeks.

Our Collective Power

Our negotiators are strongest when they can count on all our support. An educated, organized, and mobilized membership will be key to our success at the bargaining table.

I encourage everyone to get involved in bargaining in any way they can: Talk to your friends, family and co-workers, keep up to date on the issues, and attend your local meetings. Together, we have the power to shape our future for the better.

To stay up to date on bargaining, sign up for eDigest.

Your Post Office, Our Work!

In Solidarity,

Jan Simpson
National President