Your Wanted for H&S

Sisters and Brothers:


We are seeking applicants for vacancies in our Local CUPW H&S membership.

Members shall be appointed by the Local Executive.

  • About CUPW H&S Committee members and Representatives:

The committee/Representative deals with problems and concerns that are identified by workers and regular inspections. They also discuss accidents and near misses as well as preventative measures that should be taken.  They represent members for temporary (non-permanent) accommodations.
CUPW H&S representatives are responsible for making recommendations to Canada Post representatives on all aspects of workers’ health and safety, including training and the implementation of policies. The corporation is obligated, under the Canada Labour Code, to seriously consider recommendations from the Union.

* Please note, the Duties of an Alternate to H&S:  To assume the duties and responsibilities in the absence of a CUPW LJHSC member or H&S Representative.

We have vacancies for the following positions and locations:


Vacant H&S Committee member Alternate #2 Shift 1
Vacant H&S Committee member Alternate #3 Shift 3

LCD Depots 1, 2, 3 and MSC

vacant H&S Committee member Alternate #2  


vacant H&S Committee member Alternate #1  
vacant H&S Committee member Alternate #2  


vacant H&S Committee member  
vacant H&S Committee member Alternate #1  
vacant H&S Committee member Alternate #2  


vacant H&S Representative Alternate  


If interested please contact the Local by December 4th, 2020 by 5:00pm.

  • Prior Health and Safety training is not required; however, if you had prior H&S training, please provide the details.
  • Training may be delayed due to COVID-19 and the December Peak period.

Please apply for your office or location.

You may Phone the Local at 519-865-2655, Fax the Local at 519-865-2654, you may email to Mike Bouchard at  or mail an written application to:

CUPW Local 560
2C-27 Manitou Dr.,
Kitchener, Ontario
N2C 1K9
Attn: Mike Bouchard


In solidarity,

Mike Bouchard


Vice President OF CUPW Local 560