2019 Spring 3 Day Educational—Mar. 29th/19 to Apr. 1st/19

The Ontario Region Office is offering the following courses at the 3 Day Education Seminar being held at the Quality Inn & Suites in Woodstock, Ontario from Mar. 29th/19 to Apr. 1st/19.

All applications MUST be received by the Local Union Office by 12:00pm Tuesday Feb. 26th/18.

Applications can be submitted online (below) or by mailing or dropping off ,in written form your intent to apply, at the Local Union Office located at 2C-27 Manitou Dr. Kitchener, Ontario N2C 1K9. If mailing or dropping off please ensure you mark down your top three choices on your written form.

1) Route Updates & Basic LCRMS
—Priority will be given to Route Structure Committee members and locals on
restructure schedules—

The main objectives of this course are:

i) Give the participants an idea of how the LCRMS is structured.
ii) Teach participants about the main tasks covered by the LCRMS.
iii) Identify collective agreement provisions that relate to the LCRMS.
iv) Examine the usefulness of each of the documents and how they interrelate.

2) Mental Health in the Workplace
—Priority will be given to those with Social Steward training—

Some ( but not all ) of the purpose points of this course are:

i) To build awareness about the continuum of mental health in the workplace.
ii) To expand participants’ understanding of some signs and symptoms of mental health
problems and to discuss different support and accommodation measures.
iii) To practice having a conversation with someone victim of mental illness.

3) Know Your Rights
—As per Local Requirements—

This course provides a basic introduction to the Urban Collective Agreement in 19
modules. The basic rights and obligations of the contract are explained, along with
the grievance procedure, the discipline process, seniority, benefits, harassment,
overtime, breaks, and more.

4) Basic Health & Safety Part 1

—Priority will be given to Health & Safety Committee members, and all participants
MUST COMMIT to completing the second part of the course in Fall 3-Day 2019.—

” To build solidarity through education and action, to remove hazards from the
workplace and to enhance worker well-being.” This is the goal of the program. It
is essential training for worker health and safety representatives who want to
exercise fully their legal rights and responsibilities and then go one step further,
to expand their skills as union activities in ongoing efforts to improve workplace
health and safety.

2020 Spring 3 Day Educational Application