Bargaining Update

Wednesday February 28 2024
No. 12

February has been a busy month for the Negotiators. The Committee has met with Canada Post several times each week to exchange bargaining demands.

Unfortunately, the meetings have not always been easy. The Employer has stepped up its attacks on our rights and working conditions. We can expect more rollbacks in the coming weeks. We need to be ready to tell the Employer that we will not accept any rollbacks.

Overtime Rates: The Employer wants to stop paying double time from the third hour of overtime (Urban 15.01).

Marriage Leave: The Employer wants to get rid of Marriage Leave for both units.

Wash-up Time: The Employer wants to get rid of the 5-minute wash-up time (Urban 14.20).

Vacation Leave: The Employer has demanded many rollbacks to our Vacation Leave. Canada Post wants to:

  • “Black out” RSMC and Group 2 Vacation Leave schedules during the Christmas peak period.
  • Get rid of superimposed Vacation Leave.
  • Stop reposting vacation weeks that become available during the year.

Two-Tier Vacations for New Regular Employees

For new regular employees, Canada Post’s rollbacks go further. The Employer wants to make a two-tier vacation system so that new employees have less time off than their senior co-workers.

For new employees, Canada Post wants to:

  • Cap Vacation Leave at 6 weeks, down from 7 weeks.
  • Make employees wait 10 years to get an extra week of vacation.
  • Get rid of Pre-retirement Leave.


We’ve Been Here Before – Stood up to keep those rights… and Won!

This is not the first time we have seen this from Canada Post. In 2016 and 2018, the Employer came after our Vacation Leave, Pre-retirement Leave, and wash-up time. But we stood up, fought back, and kept those rights.

As bargaining continues, the Negotiators will do everything they can to stand up to Canada Post’s attacks. But we’ll all have to do our part to make sure we maintain our rights.

I encourage all members to get involved. Be prepared to let Canada Post know we’re ready to fight back!

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In Solidarity,

Jan Simpson
National President