** Bargaining Update** No Roll Backs !! No Concessions !!

Bulletin #20

July 5, 2024


Since bargaining began in November 2023, the Negotiators have met with the Employer more than 100 times. Since then, we have had many open and lengthy discussions on several issues.

It must be said: There has been little progress on our major demands. The Employer has not responded to our demand to stop SSD. They have shown no interest in our demand to bring back sick leave or to give RSMCs Urban time values for doing the same work as Urban carriers. On these demands and others, the two sides are far apart.

Management continues to pay themselves bonuses, while crying poor about their losses. But for us, the Employer has had its sights set on only one thing: Rollbacks.

Here is a short list of what they have offered:
• A two-tier pension plan, with new members on a defined-contribution plan.
• “Flexible benefits” with higher premiums for members most in need.
• The end of route ownership, with carriers no longer working a fixed delivery area.
• Letting management use telematics data to discipline carriers and RSMCs.
• Getting rid of night recovery leave.
• A Christmas “black out” period in the Group 2 and RSMC Vacation schedules.
• Getting rid of double-time after the third hour of OT.
• Getting rid of Marriage Leave.
• Getting rid of the 5-minute wash up period.
• Shorter vacation leave for new regular employees.
• Getting rid of the protection of Retail Counters under Appendix “I”, so CPC can close corporate post offices.
• Getting rid of Appendix “CC”, so CPC can make changes to the LCRMS and MSCWSS without Union involvement.

Make no mistake: The Employer has launched an all-out attack on the rights and benefits we have won through many years of struggle. We cannot accept this.

In the coming weeks and months, the Negotiators will need the full support of each and every member. In every local and on every workfloor, Canada Post needs to hear us loud and clear: No rollbacks! No concessions!

Talks at the bargaining table continue.
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In Solidarity,

Jan Simpson
National President

2023 – 2027 Bulletin #117