Can they do anything they want?

Dear Members,

It has been reported that a CPC Driver Safety and Compliance Officer is conducting on street ‘safety’ checks.
It also has been reported that this person is entering RSMC private vehicles. Kind of creepy if you ask us.

Under no circumstances is this person required to enter your private vehicle, regardless if you use it for RSMC deliveries or if you are a PV (private vehicle) route. If they suspect illegal activity, they can ‘get a warrant’.

If this person asks or demands to gain access to your private vehicle, you are not required to allow them; request for a shop steward, and call our office 519-895-2655. If you feel unsafe, lock the door, drive away, find a safe place and reach out to our office 519-895-2655. If you feel unsafe because it is an unknown person, CPC has guidelines to follow involving police etc…

You have a right to Union Representation any time the CPC Driver Safety and Compliance Officer wants to talk to you about anything.

The company has decided to conduct Safety inspections without involving CUPW LJHSC members which is governed under Articles 33 of the Urban Collective agreement and Articles 24 of the Rural Collective Agreement. They could have made it easier on themselves and follow the collective agreement.

Anytime they deny your right to a shop steward or make if difficult to obtain a shop steward or try to convince you that they can do anything they want, call our office for guidance.

Just because they pay a wage, it does not give them unfettered and unchecked rights over you and your life.