Canadian Tire Mailing–Urban Unit–Sept. 4th/18

Canadian Tire Mailing–Urban Unit–Sept. 4th/18…

Brothers and Sisters,

There has been alot of confusion with regards to this upcoming mailing from Canadian Tire. For the record, as per the MOA and the C/A, this mailing is a 3 day mailing. The MOA was agreed to so if the CARRIER decides to compress the flyer to a 2 day that they would be entitled to an agreed upon compressed rate.
Under the MOA the Union Local and CPC must have consultation by Aug. 6th/18 to go over the MOA and confirm that CPC will follow all directives within it. This consultation has NOT happened yet.
If CPC management has advised you that it is a 2 day compressed mailing they are WRONG!! I have included the MOA in this posting so you can see for yourselves.

I hope that this helps to clear up the confusion.

Brother Steve Hinschberger

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