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  1. Hi, Brother Steve; I was wondering when you were going to post all the information that I gave you about NORPW on the website? I have told some Retirees that this info was posted on the Local website. Sorry for the bother.

  2. We (the Local) receive our information generally the same day National would post on their website
    National is aware that we would like updates more frequently as we have brought this concern to their attention.
    A report should come soon.

  3. Happy Easter…
    A very kind person named Scott touched my soul at Walmart in Stanley park Thursday am and I need to find him to personally thank him again as I am eternally grateful. I know he works for Canada Post and possibly the trustee for this union. If this is you, my name is Sheri, please email me at Ty

  4. Do we have any idea what is happening with the b and c loop jobs after the peak season ? Is there going to be a bid for the ’a’loop routes or do those that have them now, keep them? What happens to those that lose their current position?

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