Elected Local 560 Delegates to the Special National Conference

Brothers and Sisters,

I would like to congratulate the following members who were elected on Saturday, March 13th/21, at our Special General Membership Meeting, to represent Local 560 Kitchener at the upcoming Special National Conference that is being held on Saturday, April 17th/21 via Zoom platform.

At this Special National Conference the delegates will be electing a new National Education Union Representative-English Language, along with electing a new Ontario Region Union Representative.

Congratulations to:

Sister Nancy Kingsley

Brother Dan Sevigny

Brother Scott McNeill

Sister Chantelle Lucyshyn

Sister Amanda Goveas

Brother John Cosentino

Sister Rita Owen

Brother Steve Hinschberger

Brother Mike Bouchard

Brother Joe Stone

Brother Dio Bal

Brother Frank Thoms

Brother Tom Spurgeon


In Solidarity,

Brother Steve Hinschberger, President, Local 560 CUPW