Group Grievance – Annual Leave Violation

As most of you know, we are being presented with an attack against our Collective agreement rights; this time Article 19 within the Urban Collective Agreement, concerning annual leave.
Please know, the Local, in no way, agreed to this schedule as it has been given to you on the floor at KMPP by Supervisors and Canada Post management.

This is being grieved and fought on a variety of other fronts, Locally and Nationally. However, all these steps take time. To help our Local and each other, we’re asking you to do a couple of things.

During the picking of annual leave, if there is a week you would have selected had it not been blacked out illegally by the corporation, please make a note on the schedule you are picking weeks under duress, and had you had the option, you would have selected other weeks. Indicate specifically which weeks these would have been; For example, Week 23. starts on. August 27th. Take a picture of this before handing it back to the Supervisors and give a copy to your Shop Steward. This will be used as evidence for the grievance.

In addition to this, we are asking Shop Stewards on both Shift #1 and Shift #3 to canvas annual leave picks, the Local is building a proper schedule based on prior agreed to consultations with Canada Post. We are asking people to select weeks from this schedule as well. This secondary proper annual leave schedule will be submitted to Canada Post as evidence for the grievance. Another benefit to this – if we are successful in having Canada Post locally correct this error; we will have already started proper annual leave picking. Which will hopefully prevent any delays in finishing on time, this being the second week of February per our Collective Agreement.

~Executive Local 560