It’s Official: Bargaining Begins !!

Friday November 24 2023
No. 6

On Wednesday November 15, CUPW and Canada Post officially opened the 2023-24 round of bargaining for our next collective agreement.

The two sides’ negotiating committees met to exchange their respective slates of demands and to outline their priorities for the coming round.

In addition to presenting its demands, Canada Post gave the Union an overview of the Corporation’s financial position and its business strategy.


Canada Post Strategy: Parcels, Parcels, and More Parcels

At this point, we have a lot to learn about Canada Post’s specific demands. Yet, one thing was clear: Canada Post sees its future in the parcel market.

Canada Post told us its demands will focus on making the company more competitive in the parcel business. At the same time, the Corporation said it had no intention of reaching its goals on the back of postal workers.


Union Demands

On our side, the Union sent a strong message to the employer: Our program of demands expresses the real needs of our membership, and, ultimately, it is the membership who decides if any agreement reached at the table will pass.

The Union is committed to reaching a negotiated agreement. Only the parties can solve the longstanding issues facing our members. No third party will help us move forward.


More Updates to Follow

As bargaining progresses, the negotiating committee will provide updates on key issues. The Union refuses any moratorium of silence during bargaining, as an informed membership is key to securing a strong collective agreement.

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In solidarity,

Lana Smidt
Lead Negotiator, Urban Operations Unit
François Senneville
Lead Negotiator, RSMC Unit