Sisters & Brothers,

Late yesterday I received from our Ontario National Director the official communication from CPC with regards to the postponement of the relocation of the Kitchener Delivery Centre to their new building. ( see attached )
This morning I held a few meetings with the members of KDC to go over what was stipulated in the communication and to try to answer any questions they might have had.
The Local had been pressuring Canada Post over the past 2 weeks to advise us if the move was going ahead or not on Oct. 21st/19. We knew that there was not enough time to have all the bids completed ( MSC, Letter Carrier) prior to the expected move.
We also had advised the Corporation that there were many members who were becoming stressed due to the possibility of Child Care issues etc with the new start times for the restructure.
So for clarification the move is not occurring on Oct. 21st/19.
In fact it does not look a move will occur anytime prior to April 2020.
Also, as far as we know, the routes that were built in the restructure are not being implemented at this time either. There is not enough room within the KDC boundaries inside the plant and there is not enough space for all the new trucks to park.
The Local is hoping to have consultations with CPC over the next 2-3 weeks to get a clearer picture as to the next direction that CPC is taking with regards to KDC.
We will keep you, the members, informed as new information becomes available.

In Solidarity,

Steve Hinschberger,
President, Local 560 CUPW

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