Messing with your Long Weekend

Dear Members,

We consulted on the STAT (statutory holiday) that fall on the Monday for July.
We agreed to a single schedule for the remaining STAT Mondays of the year in July, August, September, October and November.
We had a deal where everyone can have 3 days in a row.
Sadly, the company renege on that agreement and changed August.

Those that are on Shift 3 Distribution and R&D will not enjoy a long weekend due to this dishonourable act.
They want you to have 2 days off, come in and work a day, then a day off, then back to regular schedule. Yet everyone else, will enjoy a long weekend, but not you. How fair is that?

We are not agreeing to them messing with your weekend!

The employer boasts on their website in large bold fonts: “Doing right by our people” and “Building alignment with our bargaining agents”.
See for yourself HERE.
Its interesting to note that many of the items in this Article are a result of the Canada Post Act, H&S Laws, Labour Laws, Legislation, Collective Agreements, Arbitration awards and Court orders.
The Article states ‘Our goal is to create an inclusive and caring workplace where everyone is welcome, heard and has equal opportunity.’
What happened to everyone having an equal opportunity to spend time with their families and or friends on a long weekend?

Those of you affected by not having a long weekend, please file a grievance fact sheet HERE so we can compile a group complaint and ask for the maximum at Arbitration, because we feel you deserve it.