Metroland Flyers

To all Group 2 letter Carrier members.,

The local is aware and have communicated with Management in regard to the recent implementation of multiple flyers diverted from

Metro Land after their filing for Bankruptcy. This has caused an overburdening to all classifications from LCA’s,RSMCs, and of course Letter carriers. We have requested consultation and initially had agreed to a date of Friday September 29th 2023 , but management postponed due to lack of information on logistics for flyers in question. We will meet with management as soon as they contact us with particulars and details as to how they will approach the current overburdening challenge. I wanted everyone to know that this is an Ontario wide issue that the region will be involved with. In the meantime if you feel unsafe because of this overburdening you have a right to refuse under article 33.13 and an investigation must be completed before further delivery on the route in question.If it is an RSMC route then they would refer to article 24 in the RSMC collective agreement.

In Solidarity

Mike Offord


CUPW Local 560