Template for Estimate on Retroactive Pay

Sisters and Brothers,

I have made a template for the members to use to try to get an estimate of their Retroactive Pay. I want to stress that this is just a guideline for you to use to try to get an estimate.  There are too many variables that impact on what each member would be paid for retroactive pay ( part-time, temp, STDP, LWOP etc. ) for a perfect template to be made to use. This template should help you to get an idea of what the amount might look like.

At this time I do not know when the Retroactive Pay will be paid by Canada Post.  I also do not have a copy of the Arbitrator’s decisions nor do I know when National will be sending these decisions to the Local Level. When I do receive them I will be posting them on this site along with posting them on our Facebook page. ( CUPW Kitchener Area Members)

In Solidarity,

Steve Hinschberger, President, Local 560 CUPW


Download (PDF, 31KB)