Union Serves Notice To Bargain !!!

Bulletin #5

November 9, 2023


Today, CUPW officially served notice to bargain to the Canada Post Corporation for both the Urban Operations and RSMC units.


Next Steps: Meetings Planned


We have scheduled our first meetings with the employer for November 15 and 16, with more dates to follow in the coming weeks.


At our first meeting, the Union will officially present our program of demands for both the Urban and RSMC units. With the referendum votes counted, a merger of the two bargaining units will now be one of our demands.


As always, our negotiators are strongest when they can count on all our support. Keep informed and ready to take action when needed.


The Union will provide updates on developments as they occur. The easiest way to stay up to date is to subscribe to eDigest and get information directly to your
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In solidarity,


Lana Smidt

Lead Negotiator, Urban Unit



François Senneville

Lead Negotiator, RSMC Unit



2023 – 2027 Bulletin #048