Update #1–Coronavirus and Questions being Asked

I have received correspondence from our National Director ( see below ) that was sent out by email to all Locals. This is the most up-to-date information that I have at this time. I will update the membership when new information becomes available.
Steve Hinschberger, President, Local 560 CUPW
The National Executive Board is convening an emergency meeting on Monday, March 16, to discuss the Coronovirus. I strongly urge all locals to request an emergency health & safety meeting with the employer to discuss preventative measures and protocols. I have been in contact with Labour Relations and have asked a number of questions, including the three week school closings in Ontario. I listed the question below. I will disseminate the information as soon as I receive it. I’ve attached the latest bulletins put out by the National office on the issue.
Questions to Labour Relations that I am waiting on a response:
A letter was provided to employees today stating CPC has a “corporate pandemic plan” as of late January.
Q. Was the National Joint Health & Safety Committee notified?
Q. Have the local joint health & safety committees been advised of the corporate pandemic plan?
Q. If not, when will they be advised?
Q. Can you provide a copy of the plan?
Q. Is CPC in contact with Health Canada?
Q. Is CPC monitoring the travel health notices posted by Health Canada?
Q. Will CPC be posting the travel health notices in each facility?
Health Canada has posted the following list:
travel health notices for COVID-19:
Q. Will CPC be gathering information from their operational supervisors to compose lists of employees on vacation in countries with travel health notices?
Q. Will employees on vacation coming back from countries with travel notices be granted quarantine leave?
Q. Is CPC aware of the number of US states that have declared states of emergencies regarding the coronavirus.
Q. Has Canada Post been in contact with the US postal service to discuss preventive measures?
Q. What plans are in place to accommodate employees childcare challenges with the three week shutdown starting next week?
Q. Will employees be able to use special leave for childcare requirements?
Q. Will CPC be enacting measures for external employees to minimize customer contact?
Q. China is apparently bleaching parcels to prevent the spreading the virus. Will CPC be doing the same thing for parcels coming from China and other countries with travel notices?
Q. Does CPC have protocols in plants for products coming from China and other countries under travel notices?
Mark Platt
National Director
Ontario Region