Update #2–Coronavirus and Questions Being Asked

****UPDATE #2****
I have received some updated information from our National Director Mark Platt. The National Executive Board had an emergency meeting today ( March 13th,2020). Below is the information I received by email.
In Solidarity,
Steve Hinschberger, President, Local 560 CUPW
  1. The NEB unanimously passed a resolution to cancel all 3 and 5 day spring educationals and any foreign and domestic flight travel by CUPW.
  2. The employer is consulting with the Union this afternoon on revised delivery procedures for external employees related to PCI’s and PDT’s for signature items.
  3. The Union’s position on quarantine for members coming from countries that currently have travel notices by Health Canada are entitled to Quarantine Leave under Art. 21.06.
  4. In addition, the Union is advising the employer that member coming from travel notice countries should be self isolating for 14 days.
  5. The employers position for the RSMC’s is that they are covered under Article 19.03 in the event of quarantine. The Union is currently consulting with the employer on the issue.
  6. The Union is asking the employer for members to be able to cancel their annual leave as a result of events unfolding related to the coronavirus.
  7. Notwithstanding temporary employees not being covered by Art. 21.06 Quarantine Leave, the Union’s position with the employer is that they should be covered.
  8. The Union’s position on certification by a medical practitioner under Art. 21.06 Quarantine Leave is the member’s own doctor, Health Canada, and public health officers.
  9. The Union is asking the employer this afternoon about their “corporate pandemic plan” and any information related to it.
  10. The Union will also be asking about our members issues related to the school closings in Ontario for the next three weeks and the employers position on special leave and/or flexible work hours around additional childcare needed.
It is clear at this point that the employers reaction to this pandemic is to rely solely on the employees to self monitor, self disinfect, and self isolate. This is not sufficient to stop the spread of the virus. I strongly urge all H&S committees to be proactive in demanding protocols specific to your locations. Including identifying known potential hot spots where outbreaks have been identified. Identify risk countries where our members have returned from their vacation. Resource local and federal websites to get up to date information from Health Canada and local Public HeaIth departments. Identify employees who are displaying clear symptoms but are coming to work. I will continue to pass along information as soon as I receive it.
Regards, Mark Platt, Ontario National Director