***UPDATE***–March 17th, 2020

****UPDATE****–March 17th, 2020
Brothers and Sisters,
I have NOT received any new information from our Regional or National Offices at this time. However I did have a discussion with Local CPC Management with regards to the use of taxis. I informed CPC that we would like to know what the taxi companies are doing to ensure that my member’s are protected when travelling in these vehicles with regards to the Coronavirus. CPC contacted the taxi companies and inquired about their protocol. The response I received back from CPC was that the taxi companies have the following protocol:
  1. All cab drivers are to clean their cabs every hour with wipe down with disinfecting spray
  2. All cab drivers are to use hand sanitizer
  3. All cabs are to do full cleaning after picking up a passenger at an airport
I have also heard from the field that CPC management is not following part of the policy directive in its entirety that was put out yesterday with regards to Quarantine Leave, specifically point #2. I have contacted Labour Relations on this issue and I am awaiting a call back to determine why Local CPC management is not following their own directive. I will update the members on this issue as it unfolds. Any new information that I receive I will share with the membership.
In Solidarity,
Steve Hinschberger