Brothers and Sisters,

I have received some information from National with regards to the upcoming voting that will be occurring. Due to the fact that the voting will be by a virtual meeting National has requested that the members update their contact information. Email addresses and phone numbers ARE required so that National can register the members to send them their individual PIN numbers to be able to vote on the contract extensions.

This updated information MUST be supplied to the National Office prior to July 19th/21.

The following information is from National:

To update your contact information use the following link.


or membership email address:


Members will be able to vote using a computer, laptop, tablet, smart phone or by calling a toll-free number.

Each MIGS ( Member in Good Standing ) will receive a test email from Intelivote, with voting information and a unique 8-digit personal identification number (PIN). Members In Good Standing will also receive paper copies of all documentation mailed to their home prior to the vote.


As contained in sections 4.02 and 6.18 of the National Constitution, ratification of collective agreements shall be taken by secret ballot and shall be immediately preceded by a membership information meeting. Since we cannot hold physical information meetings, we will share a video message by the National President on the recommendations of the NEB. To vote, it will be mandatory for MIGS to listen to the National Executive Board’s recommendations and participate in a question and answer session.


Only Members In Good Standing (MIGS) in each respective bargaining unit can vote on the proposed two-year extension to the Urban Operations and RSMC collective agreements.

If Members and RAND wish to vote, they must become MIGS prior to the vote in order to be eligible.

Please ensure that you update your contact information ( email address and phone number ) with both the National and Local offices A.S.A.P.
In Solidarity,
Brother Steve Hinschberger