Wiarton Salvation Army Burglarized…They Need Our Help !!

Hi Everyone,

One of our members, Shannon Mawdsley is wanting to help restock the Wiarton Salvation Army before Christmas.

They were vandalized in October and had over $10,000 worth of food, merchandise and gift cards stolen.

A collection is going to be started at KDC/Plant.

Any other locations are welcomed to join in trying to raise donations to help.

Please check your cupboards, closets etc. and donate.

Gift cards for Food Land (only grocery store in town) and Tim Horton’s would also be greatly appreciated.

( Please see list of items needed below for the Xmas Drive )

Contact Shannon Mawdsley or Patti Dougan at KDC for more information.

You can also contact the Union Office @ 519-895-2655 for more information.